Free standing interactive digital signage hardware.

Free standing interactive digital advertising hardware solutions are using the latest touch technology to engage with consumers and increase market share.
Why use a floor standing interactive digital poster?
These free standing interactive digital poster units are an ideal solution for any advertiser who wishes to engage with consumers, this could be prior to a product launch or development. Customers could be asked various questions regarding the new products based on previous products the company had produced or supplied and the depended upon the feedback the product can be developed knowing that there is a demand for it.
These floor standing advertising systems are also used a locations such as car dealerships, consumers can then browse through vehicles that the dealership has within the dealership group. This saves time on behalf of the consumer as they can search for make and model of vehicle, age or mileage of the vehicle and even color. Even for the most discerning consumer and interactive floor standing digital poster will allow a potential buyer to search for a Camero in black with only 10,000 miles on the clock. Once they had found the vehicle they can then speak to a sales person.

free standing digital poster

As you can see from the above example, staff at the dealership are only involved once the buyer has seen exactly the car they want to their exact specification of these deals are easier to close.
These free standing ad players can be used in place of a sales person, allowing the salesperson to concentrate on actual selling rather than having to deal with general inquiries. This has a twofold affect:

  • The consumer doesn’t feel pressured and takes their time over the selection
  • Freeing up valuable staffs time

These were standing digital advertising systems have a fast return on investment, they are simple to use, and will advertise your products or services 24 hours a day if you need to.

How free standing touch screen digital posters work.
There are several touch screen solutions, the most common is infrared touch and this is the most cost-effective. This has a grid of infra-red lights running along the sides and top of the displays to form a grid, so that when anyone touches the display on breaks the beam the screen sends a message to the built-in computer for that specific zone, this in turn opens a file in a sub folder and additional information is displayed.

An outdoor advertising alternative.
For outdoor advertising solution, obviously an indoor solution will not have sufficient whether protection, this is when an interactive LCD enclosure is ideal. As these have a built in touch screen front viewing window that connects to the internally mounted digital poster and once the door is secured the digital poster can work in any outdoor temperatures, from super cold to boiling hot.

These interactive outdoor digital signage housings are available in the following sizes of screens from 17 inch to 65 inch them.